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Periodontics in Howick

Dr Pulkit Kinra trained abroad as a periodontal specialist before coming to Howick. Periodontal care encompasses many soft tissue therapies, including gum disease.

Gingivitis is the earliest form of gum disease. If not treated, it can evolve into periodontitis, which is a condition that leads to bone loss and gum recession around teeth. Over time, periodontal infections can lead to loose teeth or tooth loss due to a lack of support.

Symptoms of gum disease typically include bleeding gums when you brush, bad breath, spaces between teeth or teeth that feel loose. During your exam, Dr Pulkit will evaluate the tissue and bone attachment levels around each tooth to determine the severity of your infection.

Treatment for Gum Disease

Active periodontitis usually requires a series of deep cleanings to remove the bacterial deposits responsible for the infection. We will numb one side of your mouth (or one jaw at a time) and use a small vibrating tool to loosen the areas of buildup under your gums. This process is typically spread across two visits to ensure the most comfortable experience. In order to mimise discomfort while still achieving the best results, we offer laser gum therapy and the use of advanced equipments like Air Flow for treatment of gum disease.

If your infection is severe or buildup is extreme, you may notice some tenderness or spaces between your teeth following the procedure.

Is Periodontitis Reversible?

Although gum disease isn’t always reversible, we can take steps to stabilise your condition and prevent additional bone, tissue or tooth loss. Factors such as smoking or diabetes may predispose you to additional complications, so early diagnosis is crucial.

If you have swollen, red or bleeding gums, contact A+ Dentists to reserve a periodontal evaluation.


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