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Dental Checkups in Howick

Looking in mouthAt A+ Dentists, we understand the importance of routine dental checkups and cleanings in maintaining optimal oral health, and we’re dedicated to providing high-quality care and a comfortable experience during every appointment.

Most dental insurance plans, including Southern Cross, usually cover routine checkups and cleanings. Additionally, we offer third-party payment options like Zip and Afterpay to assist with any out-of-pocket expenses.


Personalised Care for Every Smile

We recommend most individuals schedule bi-annual checkups to ensure their oral health is at its best. Our team will assess your unique needs and provide personalised care tailored to your oral health requirements.

Detecting and addressing dental issues in their early stages helps prevent more complex and costly problems later. Additionally, these regular visits help preserve previous dental work, reducing the need for rework and potential additional expenses.

Our commitment to thorough oral cancer screenings, checking the jaw joint, and using advanced equipment like EMS Airflow® for cleanings sets us apart. As an additional service, we also provide laser treatments for gum diseases when necessary.

Walking You Through the Process

To make the most of your checkup and cleaning, we advise maintaining good oral hygiene habits, including brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing at least once. You’ll have a more comfortable and effective appointment by following these simple steps.

We begin by discussing any concerns, medications you’re taking, your current oral hygiene practices and any questions or worries you may have. Next, our experienced team will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, and oral tissues and conduct thorough screenings for oral cancer.

Depending on your specific case, we may take small or full-mouth X-rays to assess areas not visible during the examination to detect any underlying issues early on. We’ll discuss our findings and treatment options to create a plan tailored to your unique needs. Your input and preferences are an essential part of this process.

Our skilled hygienist typically conducts the cleaning portion of your visit. This comprehensive process takes approximately 45 minutes and ensures your teeth and gums receive the care they deserve.

Patient Care: Your Comfort Is Our Priority

At A+ Dentists, we prioritise patient comfort and professional care. From the moment you contact us to the completion of your appointment, our experienced team focuses on creating a pleasant and relaxed experience. We want you to feel at ease throughout the process, knowing you are in capable hands.

Your Path to a Healthy and Radiant Smile

Contact us today to schedule your next checkup and cleaning, and let us help you keep your smile healthy and radiant. Your wellbeing is our top priority!



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