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Dental Cleaning in Howick

close up hygiene inspectionAt A+ Dentists, we believe in the importance of regular hygiene appointments, offering high-quality services beyond simple teeth cleaning and emphasising prevention over cure.

As part of our services, we educate people on improving their oral health through better brushing and flossing routines. We also recommend suitable products to enhance their home care routine. Promoting prevention aims to improve your teeth, gums, and overall systemic health.


The Cleaning Process: Personalised Care for Optimal Oral Health

When you come in for an appointment, there’s no need for extensive preparation. We want to see you as you are to assess your oral health accurately. We’ll discuss your medical history, allergies, medications, and current brushing and flossing routine during the visit.

Our procedure includes an extraoral examination, assessing your face and neck and thoroughly examining the soft tissues inside your mouth. We measure pocket depths to evaluate the health of your gum tissues before proceeding with a comprehensive clean and polish.

Advanced Technology – Enhancing Your Experience

At A+ Dentists, we use advanced technology to ensure comfort and the highest quality care. Our EMS AIRFLOW® machine delivers warm water during cleaning, enhancing effectiveness and ease while minimising sensitivity. Additionally, we use a Piezon scaling device for precise and efficient scaling, guaranteeing excellent oral care.

Caring for Our Patients With Trust, Empathy, and Education

Our patient-centric approach prioritises trust and informed consent. Following a “tell/show/do” approach, we explain the process and show the instruments we use before continuing. This approach helps you feel at ease and fully informed throughout your visit.

Taking Your Cleaning to Another Level

At A+ Dentists, we believe the term “oral hygiene therapy” more accurately describes the level of our comprehensive care. Our advanced technology, patient-centric approach, prevention-focused care, and smoking cessation program set us apart as the ideal choice for all your dental hygiene needs.

Your Comprehensive Oral Health Solution

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference in dental care. Your smile and health are worth it!



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