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Crown Lengthening in Howick

Dr Pulkit Kinra has expanded training in soft tissue therapy, having completed a Master’s in Periodontology before immigrating to New Zealand. This added skill set allows A+ Dentists to offer a wider variety of therapies for our clients than what you’d typically see in a general dental office. Crown lengthening is just one example.

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What Is It?

This soft tissue treatment is a procedure where we reflect the gum tissue back to make teeth appear longer. In most situations, it’s because the gums (gingiva) are covering too much of the tooth structure.

If your tooth is broken and needs a crown, there may not be enough tooth structure extending above the gumlines. In those situations, Dr Pulkit lowers the gum levels to expose a larger surface area of the tooth.

In other scenarios, excess gum tissues can pose an aesthetic concern. Perhaps you have a ‘gummy’ smile or the gumlines are uneven. Recontouring or crown lengthening allows us to create better symmetry in your smile and help teeth look fuller at the same time.

What to Expect

Crown lengthening is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed with numbing medication to ensure your comfort. We often plan your case with digital imaging for you to preview the proposed gumline before the actual treatment. From there, Dr Pulkit adjusts the gums surgically or with a soft tissue laser to achieve the desired level. If you’re getting a crown, we will allow the gums to heal for a few weeks before removing the temporary crown and bonding the final one into place.

While minor swelling or discomfort is normal, most people recover quite quickly after gum recontouring.

Experience You Can Trust

Dr Pulkit brings years of periodontal training and experience with him to ensure exceptional results for our crown lengthening cases. Contact our office today to learn more about this unique treatment.


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