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Your SmileCare Plan

Access high-quality care at affordable prices

We all know that looking after your oral health is important but sometimes it’s hard to make those lump sum payments.

Therefore, for our valued patients, we have come up with Your SmileCare plan! It is the perfect budgeting tool with great perks!

This Dental Savings Plan is designed to provide affordability & greater access to quality dental care.

  • No Setup/Membership fees
  • No Yearly Maximums
  • No pre-authorizations
  • No pre-existing condition limitations
  • Immediate eligibility/no waiting period
  • Continuous coverage as it renews every year

For a one off  fee of $299/year, the Annual Benefits of Your SmileCare Plan will include:

  • 1 Comprehensive check up
  • 1 Emergency Exam (if needed)
  • 2 Scale and Polish appointments in a year
  • 2 Intra-oral X-rays
  • 10% off any additional cleaning visits
  • 10% off Panorex (OPG) X-ray
  • 10% off Fillings, Core Build-ups
  • 10% off Extractions, Oral Surgery
  • 10% off Root Canals
  • 10% off Crowns, Veneers, Dentures
  • 10% off Tooth Whitening

That comes to about $0.81 per day for access to all the above mentioned benefits

* Terms & conditions apply

Example Case – Ms Y comes in for a dental appointment regarding some broken teeth.  Upon examination, it is found that she has 3 broken & decayed teeth that need fillings. Ms Y needs routine cleanings + periodic dental check ups aswell.  The total treatment fees for the 3 white fillings comes to $650 in her case. Ms Y decides to join our SmileCare plan giving her a 10% instant discount (i.e 10% of $650 = $585) on her 3 fillings as well as access to all the other benefits mentioned above.

She pays the one off $299 SmileCare Plan fees and uses a Qcard for the fillings which puts her on a 12 month interest free payment plan. This way she is able to get all her treatment completed before the teeth deteriorate further and she gets seen regularly to maintain her dental fitness.

Would You Like To Know More?

It is also easy to sign up and you can start using your benefits straight away! Our dentists are all highly qualified and like to keep up with new techniques & technologies. You can learn more about our team here.

If you have never been to our practice before, you can view our New Patient page which has lots of information and also has a new patient form you can choose to download and fill out at home.

Contact A+ Dentists today for more information on how to sign up.

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