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Dental Fees Guide

We focus on providing high quality dental care in a calm & caring environment for our patients. We aim to keep our prices realistic without compromising on quality of equipment and materials used. It is also our policy to follow strict instrument sterilisation and cleaning protocols after seeing each and every patient. All our Fees are Inclusive of GST.

We have also developed a great plan with lots of savings called Your Smile Care Plan. Find out more here.

Comprehensive dental check-up – $50

This includes a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, a baseline charting of your current dental health. We will discuss with you any teeth/areas that might need some further attention.

Consultation regarding a particular Dental Issue – $50

Have a broken tooth, toothache, bleeding gums or any other particular dental issue? Our Consultation visit focuses particularly on your current problem, we might perform some basic simple tests to gain a better understanding of your dental problem.

Intra-oral camera photosFree

To explain or show what is happening with your teeth, we have a small camera that takes clear photos. We don’t charge extra for this.

Dental x-rays/radiographs – intra-oral (Small Xray) – $20 each

Our clinic is equipped with Digital X-ray Sensors. This means that we use minimal radiation to deliver high quality images. The images show up on our computer screen as soon as the X-ray is taken.

Dental x-ray – Full mouth/OPG (Large) - $95

This x-ray is particularly important for planning wisdom teeth extractions and to get a good overall idea of the health of your teeth & underlying bone.

Scaling + Prophy (Clean) – $150 for a 45min/1hour appointment

One of the most important procedures in maintaining good health for your teeth and gums. Our Dentists and Hygienist can also go through your Oral Hygiene Routine, Brushing & Flossing technique to help you better look after your Dental Health

Composite (White) Fillings$175 – $385 (dependant on their size)

One of the commonest procedures we carry out and we take great pride in doing it to a high standard. We use well proven composite bonding systems & materials to give your filling the best chance at being durable and aesthetic.

Root canals – $800 – $1100 (tooth dependent) (Final tooth restoration fees additional)

Root canals are a very technical dental procedure and demand a high standard of care to help obtain an ideal outcome. We use one of the best systems (Ni-ti Rotary Instruments) during root canal treatment. The procedure usually needs multiple visits to finish treatment.

Crowns - $1400-$1500, Bridges – $1300 per unit, Ceramic veneers – $950-$1100 (Includes the Dental Lab Fees)

Crowns can prolong the life of a compromised tooth for an average of 10 years. We work with a Dental Lab in Auckland that craft high quality crowns, veneers, bridges with materials such as Zirconia, Gold and the highly aesthetic Emax Ceramic/Porcelain.

Dentures – Depends on the number of teeth that need replacing & the materials used.

Our In-House Clinical Denture Technician offers a free denture consult for anyone looking for a new denture or for repairing their existing Dentures. We welcome patients to come & visit our Denture Technician for a No Obligation Free Consult to better understand the process, time-frame & fees involved for their custom fit Dentures.

Tooth Extractions - $185 – $345 for a Non-surgical Extraction (depending on difficulty). Surgical Extraction:$300-$650.

Fees for the Surgical Extraction of Impacted wisdom teeth are dependent on the level of Difficulty of the procedure.

Other procedures offered – Custom Made Nightguards, Custom Made Sports Mouthguards, At-Home Whitening (Custom Whitening trays & whitening solution) & In-House Zoom Whitening.

We also offer Free General Treatment for 13 to 18 year olds, Free ACC Consultation, Free Winz Quotes.

Note – All our Fees are inclusive of GST.