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Your SmileCare Plan

Access high-quality care at affordable prices

We all know that looking after your oral health is important but sometimes it’s hard to make those lump sum payments. Also, who doesn’t like discounts?

Therefore, for our valued patients, we have come up with Your SmileCare plan! It is the perfect budgeting tool with great perks!

For $25 a month, you get a comprehensive dental exam with 2 x-rays as well as two scale and polish treatments in a 12 month period. In addition, you get 10% off ALL other treatments that you may need and 5% off ALL the products you buy from us!

Contact or call us on (09) 5347916 for further details!

Benefits you get from signing up

  • No Joining/membership fees
  • Includes a check-up with 2 x-rays and 2 Scale and Polish treatments
  • 10% off ALL treatments
  • 5% off ALL dental products
  • Unlimited use of discounts – no upper limit
  • Guaranteed savings
  • Continuous coverage as it renews every year

Would You Like To Know More?

It is also easy to sign up and you can start using your benefits straight away! Our dentists are all highly qualified and like to keep up with new technologies and techniques. You can learn more about our team here.

If you have never been to our practice before, you can view our New Patient page which has lots of information and also has a new patient form you can choose to download and fill out at home.

Contact A+ Dentists today for more information on how to sign up.

Terms and Conditions that apply

  • Your SmileCare plan benefits are valid for 12 months from the date of registration
  • For a new member, the first 3 months ($75) have to be paid in advance
  • The plan cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or deferred
  • It is your responsibility to complete treatments before the expiry date of your membership.
  • In some instances, additional costs may apply. Your dentist will advise you of these prior to starting your treatment.
  • Your SmileCare plan payments must be paid by direct debit. Frequency of payments can be monthly or annually.
  • When your plan is due to renew, you will be notified of this expiry date.
  • Your plan will automatically renew, unless you have cancelled it
  • If benefits have been used, your SmileCare plan can only be cancelled by making a full payment at the usual cost for all treatments completed plus a $30 administration fee.
  • If agreed payment terms are not being met, A+ Dentists reserves the right to hold or cancel the plan
  • A+ Dentists reserves the right to change pricing on your membership anniversary

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